YOU              DON'T

12.15.2023 - 01.21.2024

Jacob Jackmauh
Dominic Palarchio
Wilfredo Prieto

In an era defined by contradictions and duality, the exhibition,
     YOU            DON'T
, unveils an exploration of our contemporary times through the lenses of three distinct artists: Jacob Jackmauh, Dominic Palarchio, and Wilfredo Prieto.

These artists scrutinize the complex fabric of our existence, confronting viewers with paradoxes inherent in understanding our world through materiality, form, and the cyclic miasmic undertow of systems of power and dominance.

Jacob Jackmauh’s work is rooted in a tactile engagement with the artifacts of mass manufacturing such as factory molds, cheap toys, and disposable merchandise.Through assemblage and material mimicry he contends with the relentless momentum of consumer-driven industries and traces the latent visual patterns that emerge. In a similar vein, Dominic Palarchio uses objects and artifacts that resonate with the psychological and physical impositions of class. His sculptures make use of materials that originate in the automotive industry, domestic utilities, and a range of light sources that embody energy and its expense. An Industrial investigation continues with Wilfredo Prieto’s sculptures and installations which are characterized by shocking simplicity and serve as tools for exploring social and political issues with a poetic sensibility.

Through this exhibition questions—with no answers or solutions—are explored about contemporary culture's underlying structures with subtle gestures and open metaphors.

-Text by Jamie Sterns

Jacob Jackmauh (b. 1994) lives and works in Queens, NY. Selected exhibitions include; Art Lot, Brooklyn, NY; Koganecho Area Management Center, Yokohama, Japan; Red Shed Community Garden, Brooklyn, NY; and The Cooper Union, New York, NY. Jackmauh received a BFA in 2018 from the Cooper Union School of Art.

Dominic Palarchio (b. 1995) hails from a suburb of Detroit and lives and works in NY. Select Exhibitions include; Subtitled, Brooklyn, NY; NADA, Miami, FL; Bahnhof, New York, NY; International, Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art; Akron Art Museum, Akron, OH; Abattoir, Cleveland, OH; David Salkin, Chicago, IL; Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, MI; M 2 3, New York, NY; Wasserman Projects, Detroit, MI.

Wilfredo Prieto (b.1978) was born in Sancti-Spiritus, Cuba. His latest solo exhibitions were held at; Fondazione Morra Greco, Naples; Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam; Mendes Wood DM Gallery, Sao Paulo; Kurimanzutto, Mexico, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo del Zulia, Maracaib; Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana, Havana; S.M.A.K., Gent; NMAC Foundation, Cadiz; Sala de Arte Publico Siqueiros, Mexico; 11th Havana Bienal, J and Calzada, Havana ; Praxis, ARTIUM, Vitoria;  Kunsthalle Lissabon, Lisbon; Dia Art Foundation, New York.

All photos courtesy of Subtitled NYC, New York