09.30.2023 – 10.29.2023

Jeenho Seo

FLOATERS marks Seo’s new attempt to explore the tension between anxiety and freedom, by presenting an installation that continues the artist’s experiments with deconstruction and reconstruction of materiality. Seo’s approach to materials like clothing went beyond attire, serving as a reflection of individuality, adaptable second skin, protective barrier, and accessible commodity. Crafting different forms in his work visually represented his personal journey through psychological transformation amid a complex environment. The artist’s encounter with a different system prompted identity exploration, leading to a transformative journey of shredding and bleaching personal clothing, evoking conflicting emotions of liberation and anxiety. The reformed garments assumed prominence in Seo’s installation, symbolizing a state of transition and emerging structure amidst susceptibility to surroundings.

“…At the age of ten, I was sent to England, a journey that left me feeling both liberated and powerless, severed from my home and family. The interplay between disconnection and interconnection within multiple living environments has become the focal point of my artistic exploration, delving into the realms of duality, temporality, and the transitional spaces that lie in between.” -Jeenho

Jeenho Seo was born in Namwon, South Korea in 1989 and lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. He received his BFA from Hong-ik University in 2015 and a MFA from Yale University in 2021. Seo had a solo show at Backyard Ghost projects(2022), Brooklyn, NY; Gallery H(2018), Seoul Korea; and organized a participatory project at the construction site Pangyo 621(2018) Bundang, Korea. He was included in group projects and exhibitions at Below grand, New York, NY; High Line Nine, New York, NY; M23, New York, NY; Japan Society, New York, NY; Seoul Culture Station 284, Seoul, Korea, among others.

All photos courtesy of Subtitled NYC, New York