11.09.2023 – 12.03.2023

Ray Barsante, Kevin Claiborne, Lindsey Brittian Collins, Ian Decker, Hilary Devaney, Liz Kidwell, Sangmin Lee, Nancy Paredes, Denisse Griselda Reyes, MARIANGELES, Kelsey Shwetz, Elzie Williams III, Rachel Eulena Williams

Subtitled NYC is pleased to present WHAT A FOOL BELIEVES, a group exhibition consisting of 13 contemporary artists curated by Elzie Williams III. Each artist carefully ties into the exhibition their own unique threads of memory to highlight and reclaim what is emerging now in mediums of sculpture, painting, video, mixed media practices.
WHAT A FOOL BELIEVES, repurposes the popular 1979 song sung by The Doobie Brothers; as well ‘Queen of Soul’ Aretha Franklin, and turns it purposely on its head referencing a similar narrative or critique similar to The Emperor's New Clothes, but in the modern day art world. The walls in the exhibition are stripped of white Eurocentric dominance, and painted matcha green, as a gesture of healing, as well as to symbolize and invoke a rebirth of life and artistic expression.

Curated by Elzie Williams III

All photos courtesy of Subtitled NYC, New York